South PoleWant to find out more about my latest guiding on expeditions, talks and projects? This is the place to look…

Newland: Information now out regarding our 2019 programme of trips and expeditions….including our winter polar training courses in Norway; ski crossings over Hardangervidda, Finnmarksvidda, Svalbard, Greenland and Vatnajokull in Iceland; North and South Pole; high altitude peaks – Kilimanjaro, Elbrus; as well as summer trekking trips in Svalbard, Norway and Iceland.

2019 test trip: Confident cross country skier? Previous polar expedition experience? Apply to join the Newland test team.

Class Zero Emission part of the International Polar Foundation’s Educapoles  project, to increase students’ awareness of polar science and realise the importance of adopting a sustainable way of life.

Public talks:

13 June 2018: ‘Think Outside in the Peak District’ – the entrepreneurs walk




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