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North PoleSo maybe now you’re thinking a polar expedition is for you? I am the daglig leder (translates as ‘day-to-day manager’) for Newland – providing guiding, kit, logistics, and training on a wide range of our own exciting and unique expeditions around the world.

There’s lots of ways to find out more:

Polar tips – I’ve written several articles for Lilly Wild, TheNextChallenge, Escape the City, Planet Fear (Antarctica and Greenland), The BeagleChartered Management Institute (p23&24), and BMC Summit magazine Spring 2013 (How to become a polar adventurer).

Polar talks – come and join me on one of my talks, or contact me to come and meet your group

Polar training – imagine how ‘cool’ it would be to build an igloo or sleep in a snowcave! The Newland winter training courses take place high up in the Norwegian mountains every Spring – its not just about learning to use cross country (free heel) skis, pull a pulk (sledge), or survive a night out under the stars in winter conditions. Learn more about how to put together your own polar expedition, navigate to your destination when snow and sky all blend into one ‘whiteout’, and how to live in ‘relative comfort’ in temperatures as low as -40C!

Polar expeditions – there’s plenty to choose from at the North and South Poles, and most places in between, with Newland, but if you don’t see exactly what you like it may be possible to make something even more bespoke. Likewise, if you already have your own polar plans, contact me if you require logistics support to ‘make it happen’!

But it’s not all polar!

Norway is a fantastic country to explore. For those who love the outdoor lifestyle I’ve certainly not found a better place on earth. Environment and nature is something really special in this country – in fact it is an integral part of the folkesjel (soul) of the Norwegians I’ve met. Join me on a trip to Norway and I’ll introduce you to some of my great Norwegian friends!

Newland offers a unique way to discover the hidden gems of this country all through the year – from herding reindeer and the Heroes of Telemark, to kayaking and fishing in the fjords, and travelling through the mountains from hut to hut…not forgetting the real polar wilderness ‘gem’ of Svalbard, situated half way between the north of Norway and the North Pole…home of the polar bear and also an ideal place to learn from resident scientists and view the Northern Lights!



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